ALI-ABA Representing Troubled Banks in 2010: Failures, Acquisitions, and Resolutions

April 13, 2010

This video webcast will explore, in discreet segments (1) How to Plan for a Bank Failure (2) Acquisitions from the FDIC; Clarifying the Bank Resolution Process (3) Private Equity and Other Financial Bidders (4) FDIC Sales of Bank Assets: the Bidding Process and (5) FDIC Litigation. Given the number of banks that have already failed, and the number of banks that the FDIC now expects will fail, every banking, corporate, and securities lawyer should be interested in learning about a process that is likely to be in full bloom for at least the next several years. For corporate transactions and enforcement this is likely to be an issue for perhaps the next decade. This webcast is intended to provide the necessary background and context for representing a failing bank, potential bidders for the bank or for its assets, and individuals employed at the bank or serving on its board of directors.

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