WEBCAST: Marketing Medical and Consumer Products in Social Media

December 1, 2010

The Internet is now one of the most popular ways Americans obtain information on medical and consumer products. The emergence and growth of social media have changed traditional notions of what is regulated, who is responsible for product-related messaging, how reporting and regulatory obligations are defined, and the associated corporate compliance and product liability risks. Industry's efforts to leverage social media, and FDA's and FTC's efforts to regulate them, present a new set of legal and regulatory challenges for companies that make and market medical and consumer products and for the lawyers and regulatory professionals who advise them. In discussing social media's expanding impact in the areas of medical and consumer products, we will explore a number of areas, including:

- Incorporating social media into your product marketing strategies, compliance policies, and risk management plans by:
o Identifying key compliance and regulatory challenges;
o Ensuring your social media policies fit within FDA and FTC guidelines
o Developing strategies to improve communications and manage regulatory risks and other liabilities related to social media (blogs, wiki, social networks, etc.)
- Perspectives from agency expert on current regulatory priorities and enforcement
- Practical tips from industry experts on regulatory and litigation risk management, lessons learned, and implementation strategies

Meet the Speakers

Anand Agneshwar
Arnold & Porter
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