Financing Strategies for Mid-Market Companies 2012 Seminar

September 20, 2011

Kaye Scholer, in association with Bayside Capital, Commerzbank, Ipontix Equity Consultants and IsoPart, co-hosted the seminar in Frankfurt, Germany on September 20, 2011. Martin Weger (Partner, Frankfurt Office) and Thomas A. Jesch (Counsel, Frankfurt Office) delivered a presentation on the tax and balance-sheet effects of multiple financial restructuring options including, debt-equity swaps, debt-asset swaps and debt-mezzanine swaps.

German companies may be facing a “wall of refinancing” in the years following 2014, the bulk when repayments under certain German standard-mezzanine programs near their due date. In addition, the Basle III rules will potentially lead to a reduction in bank loans available especially for smaller and mid-market companies.

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