FCPA, Whistle Blowing, & Cyber Crime: The New Faces of Economic Crime

June 21, 2012
Detroit, MI

Fraud - Latest Developments

Recently, major media reported that Wal-Mart may have violated the FCPA in the mid 2000s. It is important for counsel to understand how the government chooses to proceed in the case. This may have a major impact on the future of FCPA enforcement. Also, will the government adjust its approach and rely more on whistle blowers? Officials at the SEC have said they are receiving high quality information from whistle blowers who were (or are) knowledgeable corporate employees.

Cyber Crime: Dealing With Multiple Legal Issues For Companies, Employees, Customers

No company can ignore the significant legal, disclosure, criminal, and reputational risks cyber intrusions and their fallout pose. A flurry of breaches and cyber attacks on even the most resilient company cyber environments is putting greater pressure on law departments and their outside legal and forensic advisers to respond quickly and effectively. At this time of unprecedented increase in the number and magnitude of cyber crimes, the second focus of our new briefing will look at how to deal with the multitude of issues these situations present and how to develop effective responses.

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Marcus A. Asner
Arnold & Porter
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