ALI CLE's 25th Annual Accountants' Liability Conference

September 19-20, 2013
Washington, DC

Managing Risks in A Changing Environment

Why You Should Attend

This era of economic uncertainty and change has reshaped the environment in which the accounting profession operates. As the economy recovers, the profession is facing:

  • A public call for "cultural change" in the auditing profession by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board's chair.
  • Efforts in the private company sphere to establish a separate set of accounting standards for non-publicly traded companies.
  • Misgivings about U.S. regulators' commitment to harmonizing U.S. public company reporting standards with those used in other countries - and their commitment to simplify accounting standards for non-public businesses.
  • The volatile landscape of litigation against accountants and the question as to whether accounting professionals are legally expected to investigate and detect financial fraud.

These recent developments in the world of accounting are only a small sample of the emerging topics that will be covered in the program.

What You Will Learn

Experts from across the country will present on a variety of topics including:

  • practical and tactical challenges in the intersection between regulatory and civil proceedings
  • issues that frequently arise in the independence arena, the regulators' response, and recommended preventive strategies
  • developments in the convergence of accounting standards for public companies and the divergence of standards for private companies.
  • current SEC and PCAOB enforcement initiatives
  • issues faced by international accounting firms...

Meet the Speakers

Veronica E. Callahan
Arnold & Porter
Scott B. Schreiber
Arnold & Porter
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