Morriello, Camp Participate in SCI’s “Marketplace Lending in the Regulatory Spotlight”

September 29, 2015

Kaye Scholer’s Finance department chair Henry Morriello and Finance partner Lawton Camp participated as panelists in Structured Credit Investor’s webinar “Marketplace Lending in the Regulatory Spotlight” on September 29. They were joined by Sam Hu, Head of Regulatory & Legal at Fundation and Kevin Reed, COO at PeerIQ, and the panel was moderated by Corinne Smith, Editor at SCI.  

The webinar addressed heightened regulatory scrutiny surrounding the marketplace lending industry, following the Madden vs. Midland Funding ruling and the US Treasury’s RFI on expanding access to credit vis online lending platform. Specific topics included the implications for marketplace lending securitization and the availability of credit; how investors in marketplace loans and related securitizations should assess regulatory risks of holding these assets; ways in which the industry can gain clarity around ‘true lender’ status of online lending platforms; marketplace lending investment strategies; and other developments that might help marketplace lending investors gain comfort going forward.   

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