Bank Brokered Deposits: New FDIC Guidance

September 29, 2015

Clear Law Institute Webinar

In this practical webinar, you'll receive step-by-step guidance on the federal regulations applicable to bank brokered deposits, including the most recent guidance from the FDIC. You'll learn who is a "deposit broker," what makes a bank deposit a "brokered deposit," and what restrictions and requirements apply to a bank accepting brokered deposits. Among other things, you'll learn about:

  • The federal statute and FDIC rule governing brokered deposits
  • FDIC interpretations and recent FAQs on brokered deposits
  • Highlights of the FDIC's core deposits study
  • Key exemptions, including the own bank, primarily engaged, fiduciary, and plan administration exemptions from deposit broker status
  • Pass-through deposit insurance coverage for brokered deposits
  • AML and federal securities law treatment of brokered deposits
  • Call reporting of brokered deposits
  • Interaction with other rules including liquidity coverage ratio and pending net stable funding ratio rule treatment of brokered deposits

Practical solutions to brokered deposit issues associated with developing, documenting and offering bank sweep and CD programs

Meet the Speakers

David F. Freeman, Jr.
Arnold & Porter
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