Managing FCPA and Corruption Risks in Third-Party Relationships

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Nearly every multi-national company conducts business using a combination of its own employees and third parties it hires to perform essential tasks. These tasks routinely include winning government contracts or obtaining permits to conduct business. Third-party agents also help companies comply with local laws and regulations, and with moving personnel and goods across borders. Use of third parties is often widespread in emerging markets, because “in-house” expertise and resources relevant to the local market are limited. But in today’s environment of heightened enforcement of anti-corruption laws, third parties may expose a company to significant liability if they act corruptly in violation of applicable law.

Under the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act, and many other anti-corruption laws, a company can be held liable not only for the corrupt actions of its employees, but also a third party’s actions, if those actions are taken on the company’s behalf.

This webinar focuses on addressing and managing corruption risks. 

During the webinar, Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer attorneys discuss:

  • The nature of corruption risk in third-party relationships
  • Evaluating the nature of the risk by type of third party
  • Understanding the nature of the risk presented by the specific third parties
  • Identifying warning signs
  • Resolving or mitigating warning signs
  • Dealing with “Special Situations” such as subcontractors, global providers and government official-owned entities

Meet the Speakers

Arthur Luk
Arnold & Porter
Samuel Witten
Arnold & Porter
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