California's Safer Consumer Products Program: Update and Refresher

March 2, 2018

During this webinar our attorneys and government affairs professionals provide an update and refresher on California's "Green Chemistry" Initiative, also known as the Safer Consumer Products Program (SCP). Enacted in 2008, the SCP delegates broad authority to the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to identify, regulate, and even ban "Priority Products" that DTSC determines have adverse impacts to human health or the environment. DTSC has proposed three priority products since the program's enactment; however, DTSC is expected to increase the pace at which it proposes Priority Products in the coming years.

We discuss the origin and purpose of the program, how the program works, and the product categories that DTSC may propose as Priority Products in the coming years, including:

  • beauty, personal care, and hygiene products;
  • cleaning products;
  • household, school, and workplace furnishings and décor;
  • building products and materials used in construction and renovation;
  • consumable office, school, and business supplies;
  • food packaging; and
  • lead-acid batteries.

Meet the Speakers

Trenton H. Norris
Arnold & Porter
Jonathan L. Koenig
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
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