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US Privacy State of Play in 2019: In the Age of IoT, How Will Policymakers Strike the Balance Between the Freedom to Innovate and the Need to Regulate?

April 17, 2019
Arnold & Porter Webinar

Is 2019 the year for significant action on data privacy and security? Do you know what alternatives are being considered that might impact your business? States, the US Congress, and several Federal Agencies all have taken various steps to try to fill the void on this fast-paced policy issue.

In this webinar we discuss recent developments in the evolving regulatory landscape of privacy and data security and how policy decisions in this area could impact the Internet of Things.

Meet the Speakers

Nancy L. Perkins
Arnold & Porter
Peter J. Schildkraut
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Matthew Shultz
Arnold & Porter
Amy Davenport
Policy Advisor*
Arnold & Porter