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Tips for Investing in Digital Technologies

Webinar Series | Medical Device Discussion

December 10, 2019
Arnold & Porter Webinar

Investing in pharmaceutical products and medical devices is complex—it is a challenging industry to navigate and success is difficult to predict. Conducting clinical investigations and increasing R&D obligations, adhering to regulatory approval processes, data privacy compliance, increased vigilance obligations, crowded markets, access to drugs and devices post approval are just some of the daily hurdles medical technology companies need to overcome when looking to enter the arena. This program provides tips for investing in digital technologies, including regulatory classification of such products, the relevance of IP, privacy concerns, and coverage and reimbursement models, all with a critical eye on AI and the new challenges facing medical technology companies.


As digital technologies and artificial intelligence continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry, navigating established legal and regulatory principles requires practical and innovative approaches across the care continuum. Key stakeholders, from providers, payors and patients to developers and regulatory and compliance personnel, are confronting rapidly changing healthcare delivery models, and these technologies have a direct impact on a spectrum of issues. These include medical devices regulation, coverage and reimbursement, healthcare compliance, advertising and promotion, privacy and data security, and litigation and risk management.

To better understand and navigate these complex legal and regulatory issues from both a US and an EU perspective, please join us for our timely and informative Medical Devices Webcast Discussion series. Our recognized global medical devices team, which combines diverse subject-matter experience with deep industry knowledge and innovative thinking, will share insights and best practices on issues ranging from digital technology investments, regulatory and healthcare compliance, product liability, antitrust litigation, and compliance risk management.

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Meet the Speakers

Mahnu V. Davar
Arnold & Porter
Jacqueline Mulryne
Arnold & Porter
Dr. Beatriz San Martin
Arnold & Porter