Joel Greenberg Quoted by Reuters on KKR Becoming Publicly-Listed

July 29, 2008

Joel Greenberg, Co-Chair of the Corporate & Finance Department, was quoted by Reuters on July 29, 2008 in the article titled "Henry Kravis Trades Privacy for Stock."  The article details the plans of Kohlberg Kravits Roberts & Co ("KKR") to list on the New York Stock Exchange, and in doing so, become susceptible to public scrutiny.  "They want to become more of a broad-based financial services concern than just a LBO shop," said Mr. Greenberg.  "Now they are going to be disclosing more. That's the price of a public listing in this country."  According to the article, one of the more serious issues in a public listing is the disclosure of executive compensation. "You really have to disclose the way the senior people in the firm are compensated," Mr. Greenberg said.  "Because they are such a high profile firm, they have always had a fair degree of public coverage by the media anyway."


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