Kaye Scholer Pro Bono Clients Receive Significant Settlement

January 20, 2011

Michael Bullerman (Associate, New York Office), Marilee Dahlman, Matthew McFarlane and Tzung-Lin Fu (Former Associates, New York Office) and Elizabeth Kodi and Laurie Schwall (Legal Assistants, New York Office), working with the Legal Aid Society, successfully obtained back wages and liquidated damages for 14 restaurant workers, settling claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Law. The firm has represented the workers pro bono since the case was filed in the Southern District of New York in October 2008. In March 2010, two of the principal defendants filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions in Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. This matter was supervised by Benjamin Mintz (Partner, New York Office). Also providing an important contribution to the outcome of the case were Jeanna Wacker, Evan Elan and Tanya Blocker (all Associates, New York Office).

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