Jungermann and Steger Weigh in on International Antitrust Enforcement in German In-House Lawyer Magazine

October 15, 2013

Partner Sebastian Jungermann and Associate Jens Steger have been quoted as authorities on German, European and US antitrust law in “Cartel Prosecution - Other Countries, Other Customs,” which appeared in the German magazine Unternehmensjurist (In-House Lawyer). The article concerns antitrust prosecution in Germany, the European Union and the United States of America, and points out that antitrust investigations that begin in Germany or the European Union often end up in the United States as well. Members of hard-core cartels and their lawyers often do not realize the impact their actions have on US commerce. Many foreign individuals and their antitrust advisors are also not aware of the high personal and economic risk of becoming a target of an antitrust investigation in the US, which is quite different from the criminal enforcement in the EU and may also lead to facing jail time in the US.

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