Partner Lori Leskin Weighs in on Controversy over “Natural” Foods in The Wall Street Journal

November 6, 2013

The Wall Street Journal reports that many food companies are removing the word “natural” from the names of their products for fear of legal action. Because “natural” lacks a clear definition when applied to food, Congress has introduced a bill that would require the Food and Drug Administration to create a standard nutrition labeling system with exact guidelines for use of the word. However, in the meantime, more and more lawsuits are being filed alleging false advertising against so-called “natural” foods that in many cases contain GMOS, additives and other processed ingredients.

According to Kaye Scholer Partner Lori Leskin, Co-Leader of the firm’s Consumer Products’ Food, Beverage & Supplements Team, "Companies are tending to pull back from the natural label because it isn't worth it right now.”

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