Sheila Boston Profiled in Diversity Journal’s African-American Heritage Month Series

February 7, 2014

Kaye Scholer Partner Sheila Boston was featured in Diversity Journal’s series of profiles celebrating African-American Heritage Month. Boston was one of a small group of individuals selected to share their perspectives on leadership and the challenges facing the African-American business community today.

Boston described how her drive to lead and to help others, which was instilled in her at a young age by her parents, has helped her succeed. “I strive to be a leader by engaging and challenging team members to become the best that they can be and encouraging them to excel in their particular roles so that the whole may be stronger and more prosperous,” she said, adding, “I have found that the best way to motivate people is simply to exhibit a sincere respect for them.”

Citing her ability to motivate and work well with others as her greatest strength, Boston noted, “The practice of law is a business, but it is a ‘service’ business. To become a successful attorney one must provide top-notch legal services to clients by growing and utilizing one’s team-oriented skills while working well with others―from support staff to fellow attorneys.” Boston also advised young lawyers looking for success to be true to themselves and to maintain confidence, adding “These words may ring true for anyone just beginning his or her career in the field of law, but I think such advice is especially necessary and apropos for African-American attorneys who enter into the corporate sector of our profession.”

Finally, Boston discussed her involvement in diversity initiatives both at Kaye Scholer and in the wider community, including chairing the firm’s Diversity Committee for eight years. “I am committed to fostering diversity throughout the legal community and am a firm believer in the importance of facilitating the full participation of all members of the profession,” she said.


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