Adam Golodner Discusses Government Statement on Information Sharing and Antitrust Issues in The Wall Street Journal

As seen in The Wall Street Journal’s “US Officials Urge Firms to Share Cyber-Threat Data”

April 10, 2014

The Wall Street Journal reports on a joint statement recently issued by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission, which clarified the Obama administration’s stance on the sharing of information about cybersecurity threats. Companies are free to coordinate cybersecurity efforts without worrying about violating antitrust laws, as long as the information shared does not extend to competitive topics such as pricing and product innovations.

According to Kaye Scholer Partner Adam Golodner, Leader of the firm’s Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Group and a former executive at Cisco Systems Inc., "Perception affects action," adding that Thursday's policy statement takes "significant steps to reduce barriers to information sharing.” 


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