Kaye Scholer Helps Client Vend to Secure Commercial Partnership with Apple

June 5, 2015

Kaye Scholer recently represented New Zealand-based Vend, a cloud-based point-of-sale provider, in a business-advancing commercial partnership with Apple, Inc. to develop POS software applications for the operating system (iOS) driving the California technology company’s most successful iPhone and iPad products. As a result of the deal, announced June 3, 2015, Apple will roll out Vend’s software on its iPad devices, liberating small- to medium-sized retailers from the counter and legacy cash register systems, and providing enhanced customer experiences.

“Our client is excited to be working with Apple to empower SMB retailers to deliver a world-class retail customer experience,” said New York based Corporate Partner Glynna Christian, who led the team on this deal. “We are thrilled that our unique combination of technology transaction experience paired with emerging and established market experience helped a forward-looking company stake its claim in the mobile transactions market.”

Vend launched the world’s first cloud-based retail POS solution four years ago, with a vision for mobile devices disrupting retail. Recognizing that the iPad and iOS delivered the perfect mobile business platform for businesses running cloud-based, mobile friendly business apps, Vend committed fully to iOS and made sure its POS platform provided beautiful experiences for the sales staff, the business owner and the customer.

Today, Vend already powers more than 15,000 retailers worldwide with a simple, mobile-friendly and affordable cloud-based solution that includes all the features and benefits previously only available in expensive enterprise POS offerings. Through this deal, Vend will be able to go-to-market with the world’s leading mobile device manufacturer and mobile operating system developer to ensure its mobile POS platform continues to deliver a world-class solution for retail businesses, integrates with a growing number of iOS apps for business, and reaches even more iPad users.

In addition to Glynna, the deal team also included Silicon Valley-based Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Partner Rob Claassen and New York-based Corporate Associate Nikki Mondschein.


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