October 3, 2012

Jungermann publishes "Antitrust Agencies Tighten the Reins" (Kartellbehörden ziehen die Zügel an) in PLATOW BRIEF

Sebastian Jungermann published “Antitrust Agencies Tighten the Reins” (Kartellbehörden ziehen die Zügel an) in the prominent German “PLATOW BRIEF”. Sebastian discussed the implications of international antitrust investigations with a special focus on the US and the EU. Sebastian notes that despite increasing antitrust scrutiny and prosecutions around the globe, many nations like Germany have not yet criminalized antitrust violations, only bid rigging is a criminal offense in Germany. However, individuals from such countries indeed face jail time abroad, especially in the US. Sebastian describes how to deal with antitrust related international investigations, criminal sanctions, plea bargains, class-actions and other follow on suits in America but also in Europe and the potential benefit of quick and efficient cooperation with investigators in certain cases. PLATOW Brief - Recht, October 3, 2012, page 7.

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