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November 15, 2018

Matrix Organizations – Corporate Law, Labor Law, Data Protection

C.H. Beck

Frankfurt-based Arnold & Porter partner Dr. Hans-Joachim Fritz and Professor Frank Maschmann of the University of Regensburg recently published the handbook "Matrix Organizations – Corporate Law, Labor Law, Data Protection." The handbook provides assistance on the legally reliable drafting of governing, employment, and service contracts, as well as other agreements in international matrix groups (Maschmann/Fritz, "Matrix Organizations – Corporate Law, Labor Law, Data Protection").

Due to the fact that work processes in international Group companies are increasingly free of geographical and organizational boundaries in relation to markets and products, so-called "matrix managers" can directly instruct the personnel assigned to them throughout the Group. This often leads to deviations from the conditions under company law when they issue instructions for the management of co-operation on a cross-company basis (i.e., practically bypassing management levels). This requires special precautions and careful planning, especially with regard to management liabilities.

The advantages of the handbook at a glance:

  • orientation in a complex matter;
  • introduction to different organizational concepts of matrix;
  • cross-references between corporate and labor law, taking account of management liabilities;
  • practice-oriented presentation with case studies;
  • checklists and sample wordings; and
  • current group data protection law with respect to the newly established GDPR.

The handbook is primarily aimed at board members and managing directors as well as general counsels, HR departments, data protection officers, and representatives of employers' associations.