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Section 337 Investigations

In a global market, with technology and other consumer products increasingly imported into the United States, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has become an important forum for the resolution of intellectual property disputes, especially patent infringement.

Our group offers clients the distinct advantage of a skilled team recognized for its experience and expertise in Section 337 patent litigation before the ITC.

With the fast pace, special procedures and powerful remedies in Section 337 cases, our clients depend on our insight into the Commission's procedures, administrative law judges, and Staff to best protect their interests, whether they are the patent holders or accused infringers.

We excel at distilling complex technical issues and making them understandable and compelling in the context of motions, Markman hearings, summary determination, trial, post-trial briefing, and appeal.

Our lawyers have acted as lead counsel in multiple ITC trials for both respondents (accused infringers) and complainants (patent holders), and have successfully resolved dozens of cases before trial.