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While Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (a.k.a. drones) have a nearly unlimited array of commercial applications, the technology has outpaced the law. Few clear, uniform rules exist on drone use. As a result, companies seeking to deploy drones (or enter the drone market in other ways) turn to Arnold & Porter's experienced, cross-disciplinary team to unravel the web of possible legal risks associated with drones and to move forward with drone applications.

Our team of "drone-law" practitioners includes former high ranking government officials familiar with the national security and federal policy implications of drones, counselors and litigators skilled in relevant FAA and FCC regulations, and deep experience on federal and state privacy regulation, insurance risks, and products liability. Every potential use of drones is unique, and our depth and breadth of knowledge of potential risks and opportunities in using drones puts companies in the best position to successfully anticipate and avoid pitfalls that can undermine or delay successful drone deployment.

Arnold & Porter's team continues to aide clients from program evaluation, to regulatory approval (from the FAA and other federal and state agencies as needed), to incident management and response if necessary.


  • Walt Disney Parks & Resorts with obtaining FAA approval to use a fleet of drones for entertainment at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.
  • Environmental services company, advising on the likelihood of FAA approval of proposed drone use.
  • Major manufacturer considering an acquisition, advising on the regulatory environment for drones in the US.
  • Major retail supplier, advising on potential legal issues associated with drone purchases and sales.

Key Contacts

Charles A. Blanchard
Charles A. Blanchard
Senior Counsel
Washington, D.C.
+1 202.942.5805
David J. Weiner
David J. Weiner
Washington, D.C.
+1 202.942.6702
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