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Our interdisciplinary Cuba practice counsels clients interested in doing business in Cuba. For the last three decades, our practitioners, including numerous former senior US government officials with extensive experience on Cuba-related matters, have advised US and non-US clients on licensing and export controls and economic sanctions, including under the Helms Burton Act. Changes in trade restrictions and travel policies during the Obama Administration sparked significant interest in new business opportunities with Cuba in a variety of industries—hospitality, energy, infrastructure, real estate, life sciences, media and telecommunications, banking, financial services, and others—while the Trump Administration, in contrast, applied new sanctions on doing business in Cuba. Our continual close monitoring of the changing legal landscape better helps clients keep compliant with US regulations regarding Cuba.

We are also closely monitoring and advising clients on the numerous lawsuits that have been filed in US courts since May 2019, when then-President Trump activated Title III of the Helms Burton Act.

  • Leading Latin America Practice: Highly experienced and recognized Latin America / Caribbean practice with native Spanish language capabilities and a keen understanding of regional culture.

  • Deep Bench of Former Senior US and International Officials: Unique team includes former US Congress and executive branch members with exceptional international law, policymaking and negotiation experience.

  • Multidisciplinary Approach: An integrated offering from our market-leading international trade; foreign policy and government relations; and other regulatory and transactional practices.

Experience Highlights

  • Large multinational consumer corporation on how to access the Cuba market for its products.

  • FORTUNE 500 company on communications opportunities with Cuba.

  • Major media company on telecommunications opening with Cuba.

  • Multilateral development bank regarding current political environment with Cuba and congressional limitations.

  • Major food exporter regarding US regulation of exports to Cuba and related contractual arrangements with Cuban importers.

  • Financial services providers on compliance issues, OFAC licensing matters and representation in federal district court litigation.

  • FORTUNE 500 companies regarding large claims against Cuba for property expropriated by the Cuban government.

  • Travel service providers on compliance issues and OFAC licensing matters.

  • Financial institutionsagricultural and medical products companies, law firms, and universities on OFAC restrictions on doing business in and with Cuba.