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Arnold & Porter is committed to protecting the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. We seek to:

  • Periodically measure our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the support of qualified third parties.
  • Develop strategies that aim to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions over time, including through improvements in the energy and resource efficiency of our premises, travel initiatives and supply chain engagement.
  • Set objectives and targets for improvement around sustainability, and implement an effective system to review progress towards such goals.
  • Prevent, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover our waste.
  • As feasible, apply responsible sourcing principles in our firmwide processes and seek to select products and services with robust environmental credentials.
  • Raise internal awareness about environmental issues and expand opportunities for all our personnel to participate in the goal of creating a more sustainable workplace.
  • Develop incentive programs to promote sustainable behaviors and practices among our personnel.
  • Continue the firm's long-standing and proud commitment to pro-bono work related to environmental issues and sustainability.

This mission statement will be made available through our intranet and website. We will periodically review and revise this mission statement, as well as evaluate our progress toward our sustainability goals.


Richard Alexander Signature

Richard Alexander, Chairman of the Firm