WEBCAST: The Volcker Rule: What the Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Fund-Related Activities Mean for Banking Entities and other Financial Service Companies

September 30, 2010
In July, the President signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which represents the most sweeping overhaul of the US financial sector since the Great Depression.  One of the most significant components of the Dodd-Frank Act, the so-called "Volcker Rule", substantially restricts the ability of banks, bank holding companies, and other financial service companies to engage in proprietary trading activities, as well as their relationships with hedge funds and private equity funds.  In this program, we will hear from Chairman Volcker's assistant regarding the origins and objectives of the Volcker Rule.  In analyzing the Volcker Rule and assessing its potential impact, we will explore a number of areas, including:
• Who is subject to the restrictions of the Volcker Rule
• What's prohibited by the rule and what's permitted
• Key challenges faced by regulatory agencies as they draft regulations to implement the Volcker Rule's provisions
• Compliance challenges for entities subject to the rule.
• Potential impact on foreign banks and companies

Meet the Speakers

David F. Freeman, Jr.
Arnold & Porter
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