Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, and Unfair Competition - 6th Annual IP/Technology Year in Review and Forecast: Protecting Your Company's IP Position

January 14, 2015

Our experienced panel reviews the significant cases and legal developments over the last year, including:

  • Copyright: the continuing battle over public performance rights and the streaming of broadcast television over the Internet; fair use, secondary liability and DMCA issues (including Judge Easterbrook's fair use decision in Kienitz and the increasing attention to pre-1972 sound recordings).
  • Trademark: The Redskins trademark case; update on the Pom Wonderful v. Coca-Cola case; trade dress rights in website design; and upcoming Supreme Court rulings on TTAB preclusion and tacking.
  • Trade Secret: Updates on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Economic Espionage Act, UTSA preemption of common law claims and Federal Trade Secret Laws introduced in 2014.

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