Proposition 65: Big Changes to California's Warning Regulations

Monday, September 26, 2016

On August 30, 2016, California approved an overhaul of Proposition 65’s longstanding warning regulations. The regulatory amendment finalizes significant changes to the decades old “safe harbor” warnings that business have relied upon for their compliance programs and which have been incorporated in thousands of Proposition 65 settlement agreements. The regulatory amendment makes critical changes to the language of Proposition 65 warnings and the methods by which warnings are communicated. Businesses that provide Proposition 65 warnings, either under their own compliance programs or under a settlement agreement, will need to revisit their existing warnings and ensure future warnings are in compliance.

Please join our panel of experienced Proposition 65 attorneys to understand the significance of these major developments and their potential impact on your company's compliance efforts.

Meet the Speakers

Trenton H. Norris
Arnold & Porter
Sarah Esmaili
Arnold & Porter
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