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Raising Capital in the US—A Guide for UK Firms

Februay 11, 2021
Arnold & Porter Webinar

Post-Brexit, raising capital in the EU has become harder for UK corporate finance firms and fund managers. The United States has always been a fertile source of capital, although the ability for UK firms to access US funding has not always been clearly understood.

Please join us on 11 February 2021 when we will discuss how UK and other non-US investment firms can approach US investors and accept US capital.


  • Corporate fundraising and applicable exemptions, including chaperoning arrangements
  • Special considerations with respect to marketing investment funds and investment advisory services
  • Other issues to consider when approaching prospective US Investors
  • UK regulatory considerations

Meet the Speakers

Simon Firth
Arnold & Porter
Stephen Culhane
Arnold & Porter
Peter G. Danias
Arnold & Porter