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Looking Toward 2024: Legislation, Regulation, and Litigation Trends for Companies Selling Products in California

December 5, 2023
Arnold & Porter Webinar

With changing consumer habits, a greater focus on ESG, and the threat of a recession, 2023 has brought a variety of challenges for companies selling products in California. Having a strong pulse on legislation, regulation, and litigation trends that address these complex and often overlapping issues is ever-important. This webinar will discuss the legal landscape in consumer products this year, and what trends may come in 2024.

In this one-hour CLE, attorneys from our California Consumer Products and Legislative practices will dive into upcoming and pending legislation, chemical and environmental regulation developments, false advertising trends, and litigation risks affecting companies with products being sold in California — whether in the retail, food and beverage, supplemental, personal care, technology, apparel, or other industries.

Meet the Speakers

E. Alex Beroukhim
Arnold & Porter
Katie (Katherine) Pettibone
Policy Advisor
Arnold & Porter