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Would the Americas Act Bring Major Economic Benefits?

June 28, 2024

Principal international policy advisor Adrean Scheid and senior international policy specialist Christina Poehlitz were featured in the Latin American Advisor article, “Would the Americas Act Bring Major Economic Benefits?” The article highlights the Americas Act, proposed legislation that aims to expand current U.S. trade deals with Latin American countries, provide incentives for businesses to near-shore operations to Latin America, and counter China’s geopolitical and economic influence in the region.

Poehlitz and Scheid discussed the most important provisions of the Americas Act, what impact these provisions would have on U.S. and Latin American economies if the legislation is approved, and to what extent the Act would counter Chinese investment and influence in Latin America.

Senator Chris Dodd, commenting in his capacity as Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas, was also featured in the article, where he stated that “the administration welcomes bipartisan support for an affirmative economic agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

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