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International Trade Policy

We advise clients on a broad range of trade policy matters, including emerging trade policies, legislative initiatives and international trade negotiations. We work with clients facing complex matters that encompass legal, regulatory, legislative and political challenges. We devise practical and politically viable policy solutions tailored to each client's needs. Our bipartisan advocacy team works directly and strategically with relevant congressional committees, individual members of Congress, executive branch officials, as well as coalitions. Our ability to navigate the federal government, combined with our deep experience and understanding of complex trade issues, uniquely positions us to provide clients comprehensive support.

  • Excellence in Emerging Issues, including COVID-19 Response, Foreign Direct Investment, and Free Trade Agreements.

  • Intensive Investigation Experience, including Section 201 (adjustment to import competition), Section 232 (effect of imports on the national security), Section 301 (compensation for/elimination of trade barriers), and Section 337 (unfair import—IP infringement issues).

  • Comprehensive Compliance Advice and Training, including Supply Chain issues, Trade Remedies and Compliance, and Routine Education.