Joel Greenberg Discusses How Investors Can Best Utilize Social Media in USA Today

May 28, 2013

USA Today reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a statement recognizing that companies may communicate with their investors via social media. Under these guidelines, companies must notify investors specifically how they plan to use social media before using it to share information. Investors will need to strategize how they can best take advantage of this new means of communication by using and monitoring social media networks.

According to Kaye Scholer Senior Corporate Partner Joel Greenberg, “One likely option investors will need to be on the lookout for would be disclosures at the bottom of earnings news releases, in quarterly reports and annual reports listing the social-media platforms they plan to use and the identifiers.”

While the idea of monitoring a variety of social media networks might initially seem overwhelming, Greenberg notes that “Over time, services designed for professional investors will likely cull the social-media data for professional investors, taking much of the hassle away.”

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