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June 28, 2023

Ep. 2.06: Will SCOTUS Unravel the Chevron Deference Doctrine?

Podcast: Bona Fide Needs

In April, the Supreme Court announced it would take up a lawsuit involving the Department of Commerce’s oversight of marine fishing vessels. Of import to federal contractors, the case provides an opportunity for the Justices to examine the 40-year old Chevron deference doctrine, and consider whether they should overrule or clarify the previous holding.

In this episode of Bona Fide Needs, Pub K Group Managing Editor Bill Olver speaks with Arnold & Porter Partner Kristen Ittig, who explains the principles of the Chevron doctrine, how it is used in court, the current case before the Supreme Court, and how overruling the Chevron case could impact federal contractors.

Also in this episode, Bill breaks down recent developments involving the debt ceiling, the Department of Justice's authority to dismiss qui tam cases, NIST's update to guidance on protecting controlled unclassified information, and changes to SBA's small business regulations.

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