February 15, 2013

Update: FTC Extends Deadline for Comments on Fred Meyer Guides

Consumer Advertising Law Blog,

As our blog readers will recall, we recently reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is soliciting public comments on whether the Fred Meyer Guides should be updated and, if so, how. The FTC has decided to reopen and extend the deadline for submitting comments to assist in its review of the Guides. Those wishing to submit comments now have until March 4, 2013, rather than the original deadline of January 29.

As you will recall, the Fred Meyer Guides are an agency guidance document designed to help businesses comply with certain parts of the Robinson-Patman Act. The Robinson-Patman Act prohibits various types of business discrimination and the Fred Meyer Guides provide direction to manufacturers and wholesalers as to how they can provide advertising allowances and other promotional services to retailers without violating the Act.

Public comments can be submitted online or in hard copy, using the instructions listed in the Federal RegisterNotice. All comments will be posted on the FTC's website.

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