Winter 2015

M&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter

In this Issue:

  • Delaware Appraisal Actions Are Likely to Continue to Increase in Frequency Following Two Recent Delaware Chancery Court Decisions
  • Happily Ever After? M&A Issues That Affect Integration From A Tax Perspective
  • Caveat Emptor—Increased Regulatory Scrutiny of Consumer Privacy and Data Security in M&A
  • The Dollar Wars—Chancery Court Affirms No Violation of Revlon Duties Where Target Board Declines to Engage In Discussions With Competing Bidder Regarding Higher-Priced Bid With Significant Risk of NonConsummation
  • 6 Tips for Building Stronger Compliance Foundations 


  • “Living with the Activists”—Diane Frankle Interviews Sard Verbinnen CEO George Sard


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