Fall 2016

Term Sheets and Tech Deals: Key Considerations

The speed and ease of ecommerce and other information age applications may seem like magic, but the technologies behind them are driven by their own very real, practical and legal concerns. The realities of relying on these technologies—including the  increasing dependence on third-party online or mobile websites, cloud-based applications and/or social media networks—place tremendous responsibilities on those who must pull off the trick of making the “magic” work by successfully obtaining and safely providing these foundational services and systems.

This report, Term Sheets and Tech Deals: Key Considerations, focuses on some of the key aspects businesses regularly have to address with their investors, customers, suppliers, partners and regulators. Prepared by members of Kaye Scholer’s respected Technology & Digital Transactions group, the report features the following three articles:

  • Fintech Term Sheet Negotiations: Key Issues Beyond Price
  • Pitfalls of Present-Day Contracts: Hyperlinked Contract Terms
  • Using Technology Service Providers Is No Silver Bullet

Each article addresses ways to stay current with issues surrounding new technologies, which continue to arrive more quickly and bring with them growing lists of concerns as well as business issues with potential long-term impact that fintech startups should consider when taking on investors.

Operating with the quickness connected commerce demands, Kaye Scholer’s Technology & Digital Transactions lawyers advise clients in dealmaking across virtually all operational, revenue-generating and strategic areas of their businesses. Our keen commercial instinct for rapidly identifying and prioritizing key business and legal risks helps clients efficiently manage the regulatory, privacy, technology and financial infrastructure issues inherent in the increasingly intricate and interconnected “anytime, anywhere” e-economy.

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