9th Annual Canadian Private Equity & Hedge Funds Summit

November 14, 2007 - November 15, 2007
Toronto, Canada

This industry event organized by Insight Information will feature a number of speakers from both North America and Europe who will talk about the current state of the private equity markets and the outlook for the coming year. You will hear their perspective on how M&A activity is being impacted by the turmoil in the leveraged loan market and what this means for activity levels, capital structures, valuation multiples and return expectations. The conference will also feature sessions on how general partners can raise capital in today's crowded markets, infrastructure investing, limited partners investor perspectives, and a session on the upcoming opportunities in the distressed investment area. We will also discuss the impact of hedge funds on the private equity business.

Building on the success of the past 8 years, the "9th Annual CANADIAN PRIVATE EQUITY" is "the" Private Equity event to attend and will provide you with the latest insights in Private Equity in North America. This event is an excellent opportunity to hear from industry leaders and a terrific opportunity for you to network with your peers. Mark your calendars for this important and unique event!

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