Prepaid Card Compliance: Legal and Practical Guidance for Structuring Products and Mitigating Risk

June 17, 2008 - June 18, 2008
The Madison, a Lowes Hotel
1177 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC

With the enhanced threat of money laundering, terrorist financing, security breaches and troubling litigation, ongoing prepaid compliance is critical for mitigating risk. The American Conference Institute's "Prepaid Card Compliance" conference is the only US event that is solely devoted to your most pressing legal, regulatory and enforcement concerns. Get updates and best practices from an outstanding faculty. Hot topics will include:

  • Federal and state regulatory and enforcement frameworks: Expert updates and insights
  • Federal preemption in the prepaid context: When is it triggered?
  • AML updates and compliance strategies for prepaid products
  • Reloadable cards: Compliance, data security and AML best practices
  • Third party arrangements: Minimizing the risk of privacy and security breaches
  • Escheat and abandoned property laws: What happens to remaining value on gift cards?
  • Disclosure, fees and expiry dates: What are the limits?
  • Structuring partnerships with retailers
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