WEBCAST: The Government's Current Focus on Insider Trading

April 14, 2011
Arnold & Porter LLP and via Webinar
399 Park Avenue
New York, NY

The ongoing Galleon trial, and all the related SEC and criminal investigations, have renewed the focus on insider trading. What is it? When do you become restricted? How do you handle an investigation if misfortune strikes and you become involved in one?

The law of insider trading is surprisingly murky. It is not defined in the federal securities law statutes and is a judge-made concept, with some associated confusion as a result.

Our panelists will discuss how to define insider trading; the misappropriation theory; the mosaic theory; use of expert networks; channel checking and other research activities; restricted trading; the use of walls; and the conduct of an investigation when one arises. There will be ample opportunity for audience questions.


Meet the Speakers

Veronica E. Callahan
Arnold & Porter
Scott B. Schreiber
Arnold & Porter
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