Anatomy of a Data Breach - Navigating the Complexities to Mitigate Potential Liability

July 11, 2012
Silicon Valley Office
Suite 110 1801 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA

2012 is the "Year of the Breach." Worldwide, data theft has surpassed physical property theft in frequency and loss of assets, making data security a vital component of the basic operations of every business. Being prepared for a data breach can prove crucial to a company's operations, its reputation, and even its survival. Almost every week we hear press reports of companies hit with yet another data breach. Companies dealing with a data breach often face a dizzying array of practical and legal issues, ranging all the way from investigating and halting the impact of the breach, to interfacing with law enforcement authorities, complying with federal, state, and EU victim notification requirements, and defending any subsequent civil litigation. Arnold & Porter's Data Breach Team helps clients develop a response plan to immediately fortify defenses and minimize both short-term and long-term losses.
Using real world examples from recent cases, Anatomy of a Data Breach will walk you through the proactive steps companies can take in anticipation of a breach, how to navigate the complex maze of government enforcement authorities and privacy notification requirements you must coordinate and comply with, and immediate actions necessary to avoid protracted and costly litigation.

Meet the Speakers

Marcus A. Asner
Arnold & Porter
Kenneth L. Chernof
Arnold & Porter
Gilbert R. Serota
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
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