IP/Technology 2013 Update: Patent Law Program

January 30, 2013
With the rapidly evolving case law it may be challenging to ensure your company's intellectual property rights are protected. Please join us as we discuss the implications of significant cases from the past year, and help you anticipate trends for 2013.

Given the breadth of the landscape, our Los Angeles and San Francisco intellectual property lawyers will focus one program on patent law, and the other will be dedicated to copyright, trademark and trade secret law.
Patent Law Program:
We will analyze the impact and implementation of recent significant Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions, including such issues as patent eligible subject matter involving laws of nature (Mayo), induced infringement and abolition of the single actor rule (Akamai/McKesson), implied licensing (General Protecht and TransCore), and patent damages in reasonable royalty cases (LaserDynamics, as well as select district court decisions in the wake of Uniloc). We will also look ahead to the Supreme Court's 2013 docket, which will address issues involving the patentability of human genes (Myriad) and patent exhaustion (Bowman).

Jennifer Sklenar, Partner, focuses on patent litigation, particularly in the medical device and biotech fields.

Mike Berta, Partner, focuses on patent and trade secret litigation for a wide range of technologies.

Tom Magnani, Partner, focuses on patent and other IP licensing and strategic transactions.

Monty Agarwal, Senior Counsel, focuses on patent and trademark litigation for technology and consumer product businesses.

Meet the Speakers

Jennifer Sklenar
Arnold & Porter
Michael A. Berta
Arnold & Porter
Thomas A. Magnani
Arnold & Porter
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