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ESG Investigations Series: Navigating the Minefield of State AG, DOJ, and FTC Enforcement Risk

April 13, 2023
Arnold & Porter Webinar

ESG has quickly risen to the top of corporate agendas due to the potential impact on business legally, financially, operationally, and reputationally. The increased attention on ESG risks and rewards is also leading to a surge of investigations by an exceptional range of stakeholders: state and federal law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and state and federal elected officials, including Congress.

Join Arnold & Porter for our webinar series examining the issues in the spotlight and best practices companies should consider to mitigate risks of an ESG investigation.

Our first program will focus on ESG practices and claims that may raise the risk of investigations by state Attorneys General, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission. This will include tips on mitigating antitrust concerns for certain industry-wide ESG initiatives and a discussion of the implications of misleading "greenwashing" or environmental claims for consumers or investors.

Watch your inbox for our upcoming ESG webinars focused on:

  • Internal Investigations and Due Diligence
  • Congressional Investigations
  • SEC Investigations and Disclosure Obligations

Meet the Speakers

Andre Geverola
Arnold & Porter
Raqiyyah Pippins
Arnold & Porter
Erik Walsh
Arnold & Porter