Proposition 65 Compliance 101: How Do You Know If You Need to Warn or Reformulate?

February 18, 2014

The recent deluge of Proposition 65 claims has prompted companies selling products in California to review their compliance with this unique and onerous California law. But it is far from simple to determine what levels of chemicals in products trigger concerns. This webinar covers:

  • exposure assessment, including consumption data for food products and hand-to-mouth exposures;
  • averaging of consumption data and analytical testing data; and
  • comparison of concentration levels (such as ppm) to Proposition 65 safe harbor levels (mcg/day).
  • Please join us for this nuts-and-bolts discussion as we walk through examples intended to increase your scientific literacy and ability to prioritize in your Proposition 65 compliance efforts, as well as prepare to defend against claims.


Meet the Speakers

Trenton H. Norris
Arnold & Porter
Sarah Esmaili
Arnold & Porter
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