Use of Investigative Resources and Assertion of Victim Rights To Support Brand Protection

February 19, 2015

Pharmaceutical companies increasingly employ investigators to protect their supply chains and fight counterfeiting. Indeed, investigators often are invaluable in developing information that allows a company to proactively protect products from bad actors. The recent addition of FDA's track and trace obligations only increases the need for brand owners to consider leveraging investigative resources (third party and internal) to protect products and the distribution through which they are lawfully sold. Despite the significant benefits of an investigative program, there are legal, ethical, and reputational risks to consider.

This webinar addresses:

  • The benefits of an investigative program, particularly in light of FDA track and trace obligations
  • The rights of companies as a victim, and the way in which an investigative program can work hand-in-hand with other company efforts to discourage illegal trafficking of a company's valuable mark
  • Some of the important legal and ethical considerations created by the use of investigators in the brand protection and supply chain security space
  • Best practices to consider in mitigating these risks

Meet the Speakers

E. Alex Beroukhim
Arnold & Porter
Evelina J. Norwinski
Arnold & Porter
Ryan D. Guilds
Arnold & Porter
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