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US Antitrust Year in Review: The Trump Administration's First Year

January 9, 2018

In this webinar our global Competition team provides an overview of key 2017 developments with respect to US antitrust law and enforcement policy under the first year of the Trump Administration.

Featured are three of the most recent leaders of both US antitrust enforcement agencies: Debbie Feinstein, former Director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Competition; Bill Baer, former Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust at the Department of Justice (DOJ); and Sonia Pfaffenroth, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil and Criminal Operations for the Antitrust Division at the DOJ.


  • Cartel investigations: Yates memo, no poaching, and "algorithmic" collusion
  • Civil conduct investigations: monopolization, life sciences, and SEPs
  • Merger enforcement: challenged transactions, remedies, and efficiencies
  • Policy priorities of current agency leadership
  • Looking forward to 2018

Meet the Speakers

Debbie Feinstein
Arnold & Porter
Wilson D. Mudge
Senior Counsel
Arnold & Porter
Sonia Kuester Pfaffenroth
Arnold & Porter