Cybersecurity Risks and Considerations for 2018

June 5, 2018
Arnold & Poter
250 W 55th St.
New York, NY

The presentation materials from this event address ways companies in the financial services, healthcare, technology, retail, and other industries can mitigate the risk of cyber threats and maintain the proper controls and governance to adequately respond to an attack. Topics include:

  • preparing for and responding to a data security incident;
  • navigating the regulatory and enforcement framework, including notifications;
  • understanding the SEC's "Statement and Guidance on Public Company Cybersecurity Disclosures";
  • complying with NY Department of Financial Services Part 500; and
  • recognizing the potential applicability of GDPR and other privacy regimes.

» Download the presentation materials (PDF).

Meet the Speakers

Edward M. Stroz
Stroz Friedberg
Founder and Co-President

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Marcus A. Asner
Arnold & Porter
Michael A. Mancusi
Arnold & Porter
Nancy L. Perkins
Arnold & Porter
Kevin M. Toomey
Arnold & Porter
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