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Public International Law in the UK, Post-Brexit

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Young Public International Law Group (YPILG) and Arnold & Porter Webinar
By Bart Wasiak Patricio Grané Labat Maria Fogdestam-Agius Jackie McArthur Joel Dahlquist Elizabeth Chan Lucas Bastin Laura Rees-Evans

Presented by "new voices" in public international law, and moderated by members of the Young Public International Law Group (YPILG) Board, this webinar will explore a wide range of perspectives on the topic of public international law in the UK, post-Brexit:

  • Maria Fogdestam-Agius of Volterra Fietta will present on the topic of "Post-Brexit EU-UK dispute settlement: critical and contentious issues"
  • Jackie McArthur of Essex Court Chambers will cover "Post-Brexit claims by individuals under public international law"
  • Bart Wasiak of Arnold & Porter will speak about the "Prospect of Brexit-related investment-treaty claims"
  • Joel Dahlquist of Arbitration Chambers will present on "The role of UK courts in investment-treaty arbitration post-Brexit"
  • Elizabeth Chan of Three Crowns LLP will address the topic of "The UK's post-Brexit investment policy: a (lost) opportunity for novel design choices?"

The event will be moderated by Lucas Bastin of Essex Court Chambers and Laura Rees-Evans of Fietta LLP. Patricio Grané Labat of Arnold & Porter will offer brief introductory remarks.

Meet the Speakers

Maria Fogdestam-Agius
Volterra Fietta
Jackie McArthur
Essex Court Chambers
Joel Dahlquist
Arbitration Chambers
Elizabeth Chan
Three Crowns LLP
Lucas Bastin
Essex Court Chambers
Laura Rees-Evans
Fietta LLP
Bart Wasiak
Senior Associate
Arnold & Porter
Patricio Grané Labat
Arnold & Porter