Crisis Management and Strategic Response


Sometimes it starts with the denial of regulatory approval, a report of lower than expected earnings, a data breach, or a product recall. Sometimes it begins with a terrible accident or an explosion. Sometimes it's triggered by a single complaint by one employee, a newspaper article, or a grand jury subpoena. But whenever or however a crisis occurs, it can dramatically disrupt daily operations, compromise reputation, impact shareholder value, and threaten the future of the company.

The lawyers at Arnold & Porter understand that what happens in the first few hours, days, and weeks of a crisis—and how senior management responds—can make all the difference. Effective crisis management requires a law firm that has the breadth to handle criminal investigations, whether federal, state, or overseas; bet-the-company securities, products liability, or class action litigation; Congressional or regulatory investigations; and relentless media scrutiny. Our Crisis Management and Strategic Response team brings the judgment and skill to coordinate a multi-dimensional response, the insight to work with clients to devise solutions that will enable the company to move forward, and the capacity to handle urgent issues wherever they arise.

Led by a former United States Attorney, our Crisis Management and Strategic Response Team provides the steady hand of highly experienced counselors who have seen those crises from every angle and can anticipate and plan to handle what may be around the corner—before you get to the end of the block. We bring to the table an integrated group of former prosecutors, regulators, civil litigators, and other senior leaders and officials from a broad spectrum of federal, state, and foreign government agencies, as well as business lawyers with expertise in dozens of industries. And we have close working relationships with expert forensic accountants, data preservation and analysis specialists, investigators, and public relations and crisis communications consultants. That wide-ranging experience gives us the flexibility to assemble the right team to address immediate issues, devise an overarching strategy and defense, and give practical, business-focused advice for every significant legal, reputational, and operational issue that comes up. Whether dealing with civil adversaries, investigators and prosecutors, shareholders or the media, Arnold & Porter specializes in bringing order out of chaos so a company and its executives can get back to the business of running their business.

Our Team brings the insights and experience to simultaneously prepare for and respond to all potential implications resulting from a crisis situation:

  • Civil litigation and class actions
  • Congressional investigations
  • Criminal trials and litigation
  • Employment issues
  • Grand jury subpoenas
  • Internal investigations
  • Media relations, social media strategy, and community relations
  • Shareholder litigation

Our Breadth of Crisis Experience

  • Antitrust and Cartel Investigations
  • Consumer Product Recalls
  • Data Breach & Privacy
  • Environmental Incidents
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Investigations
  • National Security Violations
  • Product Liability and Wrongful Death Litigation
  • Securities and Financial Fraud Investigations
  • Transportation Incidents
  • Workplace Integrity Issues

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