Financial Services

International and Foreign Banking

We advise foreign banks on entry into the US and the activity of their US offices, as well as obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, registrations and licenses, conformance to US regulatory requirements, including comprehensive consolidated supervision determinations, new products (in banking, securities, asset management, derivatives, insurance, and venture capital areas), capital issuances and other expansion opportunities. We also assist US financial services firms in expanding banking activities internationally through the establishment of foreign branches, the acquisition of subsidiary banks, and the expansion of foreign investments in established and emerging markets. In addition to commercial clients, we advise foreign governments and agencies on regulatory issues involving the US. With attorneys from our international practice, we advise foreign governments with respect to their dealings with the Federal Reserve and other regulators and international organizations located in Washington, DC, as well as their commercial dealings with banks and securities firms.


Banco do Brasil Federal Reserve Board Regulatory Approval

Assist bank in obtaining approval from the Federal Reserve Board so that the client can engage in a broader range of financial activities in the United States.

Major Dutch bank US implications of EU based transaction

Advice on US regulatory implication arising from a potential combination of two major European banks with operations in the US.

Venezuelan bank US regulatory counseling

Provided advice and counseling on the bank's US operations.

Major Japanese bank US regulatory counseling

Provided advice and counseling on Bank Holding Company Act, bank secrecy, and broker/dealer issues.

Asian government agency Foreign bank entry into US

Advising the central bank of a country on the regulatory requirements for foreign bank entry into the United States.


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