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Environmental Edge
August 3, 2021

Sarah Grey Discusses Carbon Capture and Storage

Environmental Edge: Climate Change & Regulatory Insights

With its recently issued report to Congress on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) outlined a variety of policy recommendations to bolster CCS projects in the US. Practically speaking, though, the goal of “accelerating the responsible development and deployment of CCUS to make it a widely available, increasingly cost-effective, and rapidly scalable climate solution across all industrial sectors” will depend in large part on how federal and state governments and the private sector respond to the many challenges outlined in the report. Partner Ethan Shenkman and senior associate Sarah Grey detail some of these challenges and related considerations in their Advisory. And, for a broader take on the topic, Sarah takes to our TMT Time podcast and puts her science background to further use to explain CCS technology, why it matters to companies striving to meet net zero goals, and just how tangled legal and regulatory challenges accompany CCS opportunities can actually be.

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